Belly Button Piercing

Piercing is an art. It is really popular nowadays and teens, women and men of all ages pierce their bodies for various reasons. But the main is still the desire to become more attractive, add some unique style to the outlook and have an opportunity to change the appearance not only with the help of cosmetics and clothes.
Women experience various types of body piercing and there are some that are most loved by girls and women. Ear piercing is, of course, one of the most widespread types of body modification and the number of ear parts that can be pierced makes this piercing even more attractive and popular. But there is one type of piercing that is dome mostly by women but is immensely loved by men as well. Who doesn't like to look at beautiful woman's belly? This part of the body is really special. It's not as intimate as nipples or lips, but is so sexy, sensitive and erotic. Therefore belly button piercing is so popular all over the world. Almost all celebrities have their navel pierced. Belly piercing has become even a kind of necessity for people of definite occupation. Imagine a belly dancer or a strip-show girl without a sparkling ring in her belly moving during the dance? It's almost impossible.
Belly button rings are available in a huge assortment in all imaginable sizes and shapes. Someone likes classics and gold belly rings as well as silver navel rings are in any jewelry store- standard curved barbells in gold and dangling silver heart belly ring as well as many others elegant belly rings are to your disposal. For those who enjoy more extreme and striking belly button jewelry, designers have developed cross-bones and skull belly rings, devil or spider belly rings, etc.
Buying navel rings, we should remember that our jewelry should be not only attractive but well made and safe. You won't feel great and confident hitting the beach if you feel uncomfortable with your ring. Try to wear different designs and shapes of belly ring to find out what are really comfortable for you. Belly rings with chains and chandelier belly rings look great but you should feel them before you go out for a long time and want to show your belly off. Make sure you have no allergy on definite materials and the size of your ring is just right.
If you have no belly piercing yet but you really want to, just don't be afraid and go for it. You will be the person who decides where and whom to show your pierced belly and where and whom not. And your partner or just strangers will appreciate it because men go nuts from pretty navel piercing.