Fleur-de-lis and urban trend

Lily, according to the Hebrew etymology of the word, is a flower of light and knowledge. Perhaps, no other flower, except rose, has acquired a global and historical popularity as a heraldic lily. Amazingly delicate and beautшfull flower is real subject of inspiration. It is actively used not only as a symbol, but also as an element of floral ornament in the fabrics production or wall painting in the houses of wealthy citizens in different countries. Fleur de Lis was decorating coats of arm of famous royal families, royal stamps, and it can be found in various images even nowadays. Sign of the lily has become a truly iconic for representatives of different clans as the magical and sacred symbol.

Fleur de lis symbols

In Christianity, the lily was the personification of the Virgin Mary, so it was considered a symbol of modesty, humility and meekness. In the Greco-Roman culture lily flowers were also connected with goddesses-virgins as attributes of innocence. As they believed these wonderful flowers grew from the milk of the goddess Hera. In many cultures and civilizations, for example in ancient Egypt, the lily was a recognized symbol of fertility. In the German medieval superstitions they said that elves were living in lily flowers. In Crete Fleur de lis were used as a distinctive sign of representatives of noble families. It symbolized prosperity and royal authority in the Byzantine Empire. Later, Fleur de lis appeared on the emblem of medieval France and became a symbol of special favor and respect. In Sumerian-Semitic traditions lily mean fertility and fecundity. In alchemy, the lily was always connected with the feminine.

Fleur de Lis is a very unique and creative symbol, which may be associated with religion, honor and faith. As the logo consists of a triple lily, fleur-de-lis can also impersonate the Trinity, the Virgin Mary and the God's trinity. This symbol tells us about nobility, great thoughts and aspirations, as well as about the union of body, mind and soul of it's owner. Social meanings of this sign are goodness light and life. The similarity with the spearhead connects Fleur de lis with the symbols of male military power. Royal sign related with trident is a symbol of power, of royal and priestly at the same time.

Heraldic lily is very popular in modern culture and it can be found on the album covers of rock bands like Stratovarius and Depeche Mode. As well Fleur de lis is a symbol of the Battle Sisters in the universe of Warhammer 40,000 videogame, or is a symbol of gang from Saints Row videogame series.

Fleur de lis is a symbol that didn't remain indifferent any historical perion and has not lost its relevance to the present day. Choose your own interpretation and enjoy this great symbol!