Jewelry Trends 2012

It doesn't matter if you are simply jewelry customer, shop retailer or collector- you'd better know coming jewelry trends. Jewelry world lives its own life. Fashion changes and jewelry trends are affected by economic and seasonal conditions. Here are the main 2012 jewelry trends in brief.
In 2012 focus is on simple warm colors and simple designs. Eco friendly materials, plain metals, semi-precious stones with colors of the Earth. Pearl jewelry will become extremely popular. Vintage, retro and antique designs in new combinations will be highly valued. Consider unique and dramatic necklaces, over-the-top rings, enormous chandelier and hoop earrings and ornamented bracelets. Eclectic natural look and neutral colors will be in fashion.

Yellow and white gold jewelry is quite expensive nowadays because the price on gold is on the rise due to economical situation. And this led to increased popularity of sterling silver jewelry as a beautiful and cheaper alternative.
The changes in jewelry trends can be seen in stone settings. Nowadays one large gemstone ring is better than many small rings with colorful stones in which. The modern jewelry fashion statement is: Less yet Large is better. Jewelry of present day moves to non-traditional look of body piercing jewelry. Piercing barbells have become less popular- colored beads or stones in body jewelry are fashionable. As the prices on jewelry are rapidly growing, the popularity of non-precious stones and beads are growing too. It especially concerns the teens.
People whose budget allows shopping for best quality jewelry prefer platinum and diamonds. Diamond has always been the most precious and popular gemstone. New diamond trend is that people search for quirky settings. Unusual and unique diamond jewelry that will show the personality of its owner is in great demand.
Imitation jewels are in great demand. Most people are attracted to wholesale jewels due to their availability in various models and designs and, of course, due to their low price. People who like diamonds choose rings and charms with CZ stones. They look like diamonds and their price is very attractive. Online purchases of imitation jewelry are increasing and people enjoy saving the money yet wearing sparkling and attractive jewelry.
Bracelets and brooches remain popular traditional jewelry especially for the youth. Younger girls still enjoy wearing multiple bracelets and lovely earrings while elder teens mostly go for eyebrow, tongue and lip piercing.
The situation on traditional wedding scene has slightly changed. Diamond engagement rings with solitaire diamond, gold wedding bands (though mostly yellow gold is chosen) and silver pearl jewelry are in fashion and available here.
Men's jewelry fashion will continue developing and in 2012 the trend of genderless fashions is growing. Necklaces and bracelets of rubber and white gold combinations and leather with pearl jewelry appear. The popularity of cuff links is higher than ever. Cuff links are for sophisticated man. And earrings- diamond stud or platinum tiny hoop create elegant blend of masculinity.