Shape Your Destiny and Be Noticed

Do you want to get noticed? Do you want to stand out in the crowd? Have you been dreaming all nights long about the popularity and good friends? All people know very well that it's pleasant to receive attention and it has real benefits such as getting a job, for example. You don't need to be unique because everyone is trying this way nowadays and therefore among multiple "unique persons" there are real unique ones. You want to get positive attention and it's real. You just have to love yourself and do your best to be the person you want to. It takes lots of time and efforts but it's worth it.
You have to behave as if you are new in the street, in the company, at college, at work or in the city. You should be appealing potential friend to good people. You shouldn't show that you are trying too hard. Just be yourself but try to show your positive and generous side if required sides and hide all negative. Not really hide, but try to let it go. Our life becomes much better when we smile to the world.
You should have your original style. It doesn't mean you should be a black sheep, but people surrounding you should feel that you have strong personality, your own opinion and view of the fashion and life. Wear the clothes matching you in your favorite colors and create your own combinations and styles. Accessories play significant role in it too. Many people make themselves really attractive and eye-catching by wearing modern jewelry. It's not difficult to find jewelry matching most of your wardrobe with multiple local and online jewelry stores. And to buy something special that goes almost with everything, consider sterling silver jewelry, white pearl jewelry and diamond earrings and pendant set at I know the girl, who has become a real star in her university by creating jewelry combinations of unreal beauty and style. Then it became her job that has been bringing her great money for years. So, you can try to create your own or shop for high quality jewelry sets. But remember, that the style is made not only by jewelry and clothes, the way you behave, smile and work are also important.
Try to become better in something you like. Learn to advance your career, take photo courses and make unique photos for your future photo exhibition, etc. You don't have to be the only best person in the field. When you meet people who are really successful, try to take lesson from it and not to be envious.
Try to be confident, be assertive; be humble and outstanding. If you see that people value your skills and like your appearance, don't make a big deal out of it. Of course, we are always happy and sometimes even too much when we are prized but let this crazy happiness stay inside and smile.

Be attentive to people who deserve it. If you will be generous and good for everybody, with time your kindness will become the norm and won't be noticed at all. Do positive things and try not only to seem happy- be happy in reality. It's not so difficult. And even if you feel bad inside, try not to complain and to live it out yourself. People like to be heard and to be encouraged and approved.