Titanium Grade 5 Piercing Jewelry

titanium piercing jewelry

Titanium is the metal resistant to body fluid attacks and to corrosion producing no allergic reactions, no skin irritations and other unwanted results harmful to our body. Titanium piercing jewelry is lightweight and is very durable. There are various kinds of titanium alloys and the most suitable recommended for piercing is titanium grade 5. In this collection you'll find piercing jewelry made of the 5 grade of titanium. This alloy contains 90 % of titanium and no nickel at all and this produces such wonderful effect that allows even too sensitive to metals people wear metallic jewelry without problems. Take a look here at titanium grade 5 CBR and straight barbells, curved and circular barbells, eyebrow rings and nipple shields, segment rings, labrets and plugs and other high quality piercing jewelry made of titanium grade 5. Enjoy your piercing with absolutely safe and durable titanium grade 5 jewelry.