What are Titanium and Stainless Steel Belly Rings

Do you like the way a pretty pierced belly look? Who doesn't! Belly button piercing has become really popular in America and other countries during last decades. And as all fashion statements are immediately reflected on the celebrities, we can see how popular belly piercing is if almost all female stars have pierced navels. And if you want to pierce your belly, find all necessary information on the question, consult your physician and your friend who has already pierced the belly.
When you are searching for the belly button piercing jewelry, you should consider not only the style and design of belly ring, but the material it's made from. If you want to show your attractive belly piercing off or you are going to pierce your belly and need to make a choice on the starter belly ring, you'll find useful information here.
Most people choose titanium belly rings or stainless steel belly rings. Let's see what exactly these two materials are and what good and negative characteristics they possess.

Titanium belly ring is the stronger type of navel jewelry nowadays. It is light (in comparison to stainless steel, it may be 50% lighter) and available in variety of colors. Titanium rings are much better for the skin because they aren't plated and are completely natural. Therefore the risk of any negative reaction is reduced to the minimal. Titanium belly button jewelry comes in fancy and classical designs as well as with small and large balls. You can choose almost any color you want except black and red.
Stainless steel belly rings are inexpensive though the quality of material is high. They are usually worn in the first time belly piercing and don't react with body tissues. Stainless steel belly rings can have steel shaft and the ball, dangles or whatever from any other material and it makes the choice of steel rings so huge. Endings in almost any shape imaginable, any color and sparkling crystals are available. Surgical stainless steel belly rings are even better because they are less porous and cleaner than common stainless steel. Surgical stainless steel is high quality alloy used in medical industry for implants and it says much about it. Most of navel piercing jewelry on the market is made from stainless steel and its popularity is still growing. The low price, wide choice of designs and shapes and medical approval play important role in it.
The choice is difficult from one side and easy from the other but we should do it. Of course, stainless steel and titanium belly rings cost not so much and we can allow buying several rings. But do we need to irritate our belly piercing by changing the jewelry and metal too often? It's better to choose your perfect material for belly rings and enjoy it.