Wire Jewelry

Shopping for beautiful and unusual jewelry? I advice you pay attention to wire jewelry. I have been wearing it for several years and have made sure it looks great with different outfits and is really eye-catching.

There are various designs and shapes of wire jewelry available at the market nowadays. Wire bracelets, earrings and necklaces are created by attaching beads or gems to wire links or by wrapping the gems or beads in wire. Gold and silver are the most popular colors for wide jewelry though black, cooper and brown wire are also popular. Wire jewelry can also have accents in purple, green, blue and pink.
While making wire chokers, bracelets or rings several lengths of wire are involved and they are placed side by side. Shorter lengths of contrasting colored or same colored wire can be wrapped horizontally across different sections of the wire lengths to form unique two-directional look.
Jigs, pliers and cutters are the tools used for wire jewelry making. There is a cutting edge to cut or snip lengths of wire into pieces. A jig is rectangular, flat piece of wood or plastic featuring rows of pegs. And jeweler can create many designs because wire is wrapped around jig pegs in different patterns. Wire jewelry pieces can also be used as links for necklaces and bracelets or pendants.
There is one type of wire called beading wire used for making wire jewelry with beads. Ceramic and glass beads are popular for creating beaded earrings, bracelets and necklaces. You can use beading wire on your own to make hoop earrings. They usually feature smooth single wire cuts but the wire may be doubled, hammered or twisted to add texture.
Wire jewelry is a good addition to any jewelry collection and has reasonable price.