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Captive Bead Rings

There are various types of body piercing jewelry nowadays but captive bead rings are the most common. Captive bead ring (CBR, or ball closure ring) can be worn in almost any type of piercing. It is like the circle made up of a wire with a bead fitted in it. The diameter of the wire provides the safety and the bead is unmovable and won't fall off. The bead is hold in the place with the tensile strength of the metal wire.
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Tongue Barbells with Koosh balls

Straight barbells worn in tongue piercing come in variety of forms nowadays. You can choose from all imaginable kinds of ball barbells, barbells with cones and disks. We suggest you a safe and recommended for those who like to play with their tongue ring piece of jewelry- a koosh ball barbell.
frech trickle silicone tongue barbell
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