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What are Titanium and Stainless Steel Belly Rings

Do you like the way a pretty pierced belly look? Who doesn't! Belly button piercing has become really popular in America and other countries during last decades. And as all fashion statements are immediately reflected on the celebrities, we can see how popular belly piercing is if almost all female stars have pierced navels. And if you want to pierce your belly, find all necessary information on the question, consult your physician and your friend who has already pierced the belly.

Jeweled navel rings

We suggest you to take a look at wide choice of stylish belly rings accented with magnificent gemstones. Everyone will find here the gem of his Zodiac sign and his birthstone. Rare and widespread, small and large, pale and deep colored gemstones are to your disposal. Each gem has its own symbolic meaning and is believed to bring something into your life. You'll also find in our categories interesting facts about gemstone history, origin, power and properties.

Heart nipple rings

Do you want to have lovely and high quality jewelry for your nipple piercing? Check out our selection of heart nipple rings. Heart is the symbol of romance and love. In ancient times heart symbols were even used in rituals which goal was to make relationships stronger. Heart symbolizes charity, compassion and joy. The heart shape is very popular nowadays and it is always pleasant to receive heart-shaped gifts which represent love and affection.

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Titanium Grade 5 Piercing Jewelry

Titanium is the metal resistant to body fluid attacks and to corrosion producing no allergic reactions, no skin irritations and other unwanted results harmful to our body. Titanium piercing jewelry is lightweight and is very durable. There are various kinds of titanium alloys and the most suitable recommended for piercing is titanium grade 5. In this collection you'll find piercing jewelry made of the 5 grade of titanium.
titanium piercing jewelry

Spring ball CBR

If you are searching for the substantial piercing jewelry which will make a bold statement you've found what you need. This 00ga captive bead ring is perfect for you. It's made of high quality 316L surgical stainless steel recommended for the use in initial piercings. Spring ball in this captive bead ring creates an easy and flawless fit. This spring ball CBR looks really great and will comfortably fit any piercing of the fitting gauge size.
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