Body Piercing Jewelry Metals

Body piercing jewelry is made from different materials that come in a variety of substances including glass, plastics, organics and metals. There are different qualities and grades of some materials and it influences the choice of customers. Body jewelry is not only the subject of beauty but it also brings the subject of safety and health. Some materials are recommended only for short-term wear and for well-healed piercings, while others are more conductive to healing.

Piercing Materials for Starter Jewelry

We all want to be beautiful and attractive. We all want people to look at us and enjoy what they see. We all need self-expression and opportunity to show our individuality and style. We all (even if we can't we would like to) try to wear stylish clothes fitting our body, use fashionable accessories and decorate one's body. Body piercing is one of the ways to reach the mentioned goals.

Body Piercing Retainers

Body piercing has become extremely popular lately and people all over the world go for it. The most unique and important thing about piercing is that it's so versatile that two persons may have even the same type of piercing but it will look quite different. And if to take two different piercing types, one can hardly imagine what it would be. Multiple jewelry stores offer huge selection of body piercing jewelry in all imaginable designs, gauge sizes, styles, materials and shapes. And that's great. But we shouldn't forget that every person who has at least one body piercing should have a piercing retainer for it.
piercing hole retainer hide your piercing

Nipple Piercing

Nipple piercing is one of the piercing types that can be hidden and nobody would even know you have it if you want as well as you can show it with special clothes that allow people see that there is jewelry in your nipples when you are dressed. And you may enjoy the beauty of your nipples and piercing with your partner and yourself. Nipple piercing is the kind of necessity for people of definite occupations such as strip-dancers, models and performers.

Titanium Tongue Piercing Jewelry

Let's have a look at the modern society. What do we do to look better and more attractive? We wear stylish clothes that show the advantages of our body and hide our negative features, we accessorize and put on jewelry to attract attention to definite parts of the body and, of course, most of us wear piercing jewelry to look unique. By the way, body piercing jewelry does the same things as clothes and classical jewelry- it adds style to the outlook and changes it for the best. With the help of eyebrow piercing, for example, we can make the eyes look bigger or smaller and change the expression of the face.

What are Titanium and Stainless Steel Belly Rings

Do you like the way a pretty pierced belly look? Who doesn't! Belly button piercing has become really popular in America and other countries during last decades. And as all fashion statements are immediately reflected on the celebrities, we can see how popular belly piercing is if almost all female stars have pierced navels. And if you want to pierce your belly, find all necessary information on the question, consult your physician and your friend who has already pierced the belly.

Captive Bead Rings

There are various types of body piercing jewelry nowadays but captive bead rings are the most common. Captive bead ring (CBR, or ball closure ring) can be worn in almost any type of piercing. It is like the circle made up of a wire with a bead fitted in it. The diameter of the wire provides the safety and the bead is unmovable and won't fall off. The bead is hold in the place with the tensile strength of the metal wire.
cbr, bcr, captive tings

Body Piercing Stretching

Body piercing has been performed in many cultures for thousand of years and stretching has also been performed. With forethought and proper technique you'll reach successful stretch and it requires time, patience, knowledge and proper jewelry. Here is the information for you to properly stretch your piercing.

Jeweled navel rings

We suggest you to take a look at wide choice of stylish belly rings accented with magnificent gemstones. Everyone will find here the gem of his Zodiac sign and his birthstone. Rare and widespread, small and large, pale and deep colored gemstones are to your disposal. Each gem has its own symbolic meaning and is believed to bring something into your life. You'll also find in our categories interesting facts about gemstone history, origin, power and properties.

Expensive navel rings

To be awesome and stunning, to surprise everybody with an elegant and gorgeous piece of jewelry is easy now! Take a look at a magnificent collection of navel rings that will win any heart from the first sight. Their beauty and high style are worth your money! Stylish designs created by professional jewelry makers in combination with best quality materials create unique belly button rings that could become yours right now! Made of white and yellow gold accented with CZ and precious stones

expensive gold belly rings

Ear piercing - to do or not to do?

Ear piercing has been popular for many years in different parts of the world and if you are thinking about getting your ear pierced you can easily find all necessary information about it. Let's discuss the most important points about ear piercing.

Tongue Barbells with Koosh balls

Straight barbells worn in tongue piercing come in variety of forms nowadays. You can choose from all imaginable kinds of ball barbells, barbells with cones and disks. We suggest you a safe and recommended for those who like to play with their tongue ring piece of jewelry- a koosh ball barbell.
frech trickle silicone tongue barbell

Delux set of piercing tools

Form the first glance at this set of piercing tools one realizes- it contains every tool one needs for safe and successful piercing procedure. This deluxe set contains 17 piercing tools for disinfection, rings opening and closing and whatever. Autoclavable surgical stainless steel tools of implant grade are high quality and very durable. Every piercing professional will tell you that this 17 piece set of piercing tools.

Titanium Grade 5 Piercing Jewelry

Titanium is the metal resistant to body fluid attacks and to corrosion producing no allergic reactions, no skin irritations and other unwanted results harmful to our body. Titanium piercing jewelry is lightweight and is very durable. There are various kinds of titanium alloys and the most suitable recommended for piercing is titanium grade 5. In this collection you'll find piercing jewelry made of the 5 grade of titanium.
titanium piercing jewelry

How to get your belly button pierced

If you are going to get your belly pierced, you should know some facts about it to avoid risks and make sure you really want to have it. By the USA law teens can get their belly pierced free since they are 18. The average price for navel piercing in piercing studios is about 35$. It is important to choose the trusted piercing studio and professional piercer..

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