Body Piercing Jewelry Metals

Body piercing jewelry is made from different materials that come in a variety of substances including glass, plastics, organics and metals. There are different qualities and grades of some materials and it influences the choice of customers. Body jewelry is not only the subject of beauty but it also brings the subject of safety and health. Some materials are recommended only for short-term wear and for well-healed piercings, while others are more conductive to healing.

Metals are still widely chosen by people with piercings but it brings the risk of allergies. This risk is determines by the amount of nickel contained in metal. Nickel isn't bio-compatible and causes hyper-sensitivity issues and healing difficulties.

One of the metals recommended for well-established piercings and short term wear is sterling silver. This precious metal contains 925% silver and other metals contained in it can cause irritation. Therefore the most popular are sterling silver earrings, sterling silver nose pins and sterling silver belly button rings. Silver jewelry looks great but it's better not to wear it for a long time (except the case of earlobe piercings).

Gold is also soft materials and solid gold jewelry is recommended for people who have no negative reaction on gold and for well-healed piercings. 14k gold piercing jewelry is the most widespread though 24k and 22k gold nose pins and 18k/16k gold jewelry is also available. Gold belly rings are the real hit as well as white gold nose studs. Chic and elegant gold piercing jewelry has always been popular with people of all ages. And gold and diamond jewelry is the most exquisite at the market nowadays.

Surgical stainless steel (SSS) is the most widely used and common metal for body piercing jewelry. Stainless steel has less chances to cause irritation as it contains too small amounts of alloy inclusions though extra-sensitive skin can be irritated even with 316L surgical stainless steel. Surgical steel nose screws, stainless steel barbells and other jewelry from SSS are available in all imaginable shapes and gauge sizes.

Titanium is the highest grade and the hardest metal with the presence of less than 0.05% of nickel. Titanium piercing jewelry is practically impervious to imperfections and scratches and is really strong and durable. It is the best choice for people who are hyper-sensitive to metals containing other metals and can be worn as long as one desires. Titanium anodizes jewelry is available in variety of colours. Titanium nose screws and L-shapes rings, titanium d rings and titanium plugs are lightweight and look attractive.

And there is one thing we should remember shopping for body piercing jewelry- there are costume jewelry shops that sell low-grade jewelry. It may even be claimed 316L steel but the truth is that too cheap piece of jewelry is probably mass-produced by machines and isn't inspected for imperfections. Such imitated body piercing jewelry can be harmful. It's better to spend little more money on high quality product than to suffer from irritation or allergy saving several dollars.