Body Piercing Retainers

Body piercing has become extremely popular lately and people all over the world go for it. The most unique and important thing about piercing is that it's so versatile that two persons may have even the same type of piercing but it will look quite different. And if to take two different piercing types, one can hardly imagine what it would be. Multiple jewelry stores offer huge selection of body piercing jewelry in all imaginable designs, gauge sizes, styles, materials and shapes. And that's great. But we shouldn't forget that every person who has at least one body piercing should have a piercing retainer for it.

Preventing the closure of piercing when the jewelry should be removed is the main function of body piercing retainer. Sometimes it's just necessary to hide our piercing to make it less noticeable. Employer may not permit visible piercings or you visit the place where any type of body modification would be improper. MRI or X-Ray procedures require removing all metallic objects and your piercing jewelry should be removed or replaced with a retainer. Most dress codes in the workplace dictate us the rules of wearing invisible piercing retainers and the perfect answer to keep your piercing open and safe is wearing special comfortable retainers.

piercing hole retainer hide your piercing

Most retainers are clear acrylic designed in variety of sizes and shapes to hide your septum and tongue, labret and nose, navel and nipple piercings without any discomfort. The piercing retainers come in sizes similar to the sizes of piercing jewelry and if you are wearing, for example, 16ga flexible bioplast labret retainer , 18 ga clear nose jewelry retainer will match your piercing. Retainers that are flexible and soft are the best option and at our online store of piercing jewelry you'll definitely find the best quality piercing retainers at the most affordable prices. Retainers can be not only clear but are available in various colours and materials.

Women with belly button piercing who decide to wear belly button jewelry during pregnancy to have hypoallergenic PTFE piercing retainers which length adjust as belly expands. Special flexible barbells for pregnant bellies are available in multiple colours.

Having matching piercing retainer always a hand, you'll be ready to hide your piercing when it's necessary and be ready for medical procedures requiring the absence of metallic objects in the body.

Most body piercing retainers are really cheap and it's easy to find the right one for your piercing. You may consult your piercer if necessary and sometimes it's better to buy retainer one size smaller than your piercing gauge size.

Be ready for all situations of life concerning your piercing and feel safe and comfortable! And one small thing such as piercing retainer will help you.