Body Piercing Stretching

Body piercing has been performed in many cultures for thousand of years and stretching has also been performed. With forethought and proper technique you'll reach successful stretch and it requires time, patience, knowledge and proper jewelry. Here is the information for you to properly stretch your piercing.
The first thing to remember is to listen to your body. It will tell you if something goes wrong and you should learn to hear what it is telling you. Piercing stretching will take you patience and time and you should begin to stretch your piercing only after it is completely healed and ready. It will allow avoid scarring tissue and ugly results. The process greatly depends on what your size is right now and what size you want to get. After you move to the next size you should wait at least for a month before moving further.

The best way to stretch piercing is to use piercing insertion tapers. They are needle-like long tools that gradually thicken to the desired size. Tapers are available in any gauge size and they are considered the less traumatic way to stretch. If you use lubricants to help stretching, don't use water-based lubricants. And of course you'd better see professional piercer before you begin stretching.
There are specific hints and tips of stretching depending on the part of the body. If you are going to have large gauge ear lobe piercing, you'd better start with 10ga or 8ga piercings. And in 8-9 months you will be ready for first stretch. You may wear captive bead rings during stretching process and when you reach 4 gauge or 2 gauge you'd better wear lighter jewelry such as plugs and eyelets. You can also stretch the earlobe with a tight sponge cut to about 1/2 larger than the jewelry you want to wear. You should wet the sponge and squeeze it in the piercing at nights. You should pay special attention to the ears during stretching. You should soak the tissue in hot water before stretching to relax and soften it and to increase circulation in order to avoid injury. You should also massage the earlobes with jojoba oil (avoid vegetable oils).
If you are going to stretch the tongue piercing, you should take special care to avoid damage of gums, teeth and soft palette. You'd better start with a larger bar if you want to have large gauge tongue piercing. And 10ga is perfect in this case. It may swell a bit longer than 12 or 14 gauge but the result of stretching will be faster and better.
If you are going to stretch cartilage, you should realize that it's extremely slow process. Cartilage has no own blood supply and receives it from surrounding skin. And too quick cartilage stretching can cause the death of tissue (necrosis) or even shattering of cartilage. And the thicker the cartilage, the slower you should move to the next size. It may be a year or even more before you move to the next gauge size.
If you are going to stretch nipple piercing, you can stretch them even to huge sizes. To avoid rejection and migration, be careful with jewelry that gets knocked around or is too heavy.
If you want to have large gauge belly button piercing, you'll have to wait for a long time. It may take 4 years before your belly will be ready to be stretched.
Genitals are usually quickly healed and easy to stretch.
Nasal septum piercing is almost impossible to stretch.
Piercing stretching should be done carefully and slowly. Listen to your body!