Ear piercing - to do or not to do?


Ear piercing has been popular for many years in different parts of the world and if you are thinking about getting your ear pierced you can easily find all necessary information about it. Let's discuss the most important points about ear piercing.
If you have ever heard that somebody has done it at home using a hot needle and a bottle cork at the ear's back and it was just fine- forget about it. Such way of ear piercing has already died and it's not sterile. There are the people who do this job professionally nowadays with a special gun or a needle depending on the type of ear piercing. You will find professional piercers in beauty shops and shopping centers but it's always better to go to specialized piercing and tattoo salons with good reputation.
If you are really going to pierce your ears you should be at least 16 (18) or have a signed parental consent with you. So, if you are under 16 you'd better first discuss it with your parents before dreaming of stylish ear piercing. And there are various reasons for it- the most important of which is that the body of young people is still growing and piercing can change it position growing out too.
If you are lucky to be allowed go for piercing, be aware that it will hurt when it is done and for some time after that. But practice shows that all teens and adults who got their ears pierced in professional trusted salons have never regretted about it.

Now you should choose the type of ear piercing you want to get. It totally depends on your style and creativity. Earlobe piercing is one of the most widespread and it may look classical with elegant jewelry and eye-catching with unusual and extreme design jewelry. Industrial and helix piercing have also become really popular lately and they give you opportunity for various jewelry choice and creative decisions. Daith, orbital and rook piercing are not so widespread but are met rather often and they look quiet unusual and up-to-date. Tragus and antitragus piercing are popular and cool too. Inner conch piercing is rather rare and therefore it is unique and surprising in some way.
So, you've made your choice and got your ear pierced by professional piercer. Now it's important to find out all facts about piercing aftercare. First, asked the piercer how to clean the pierced area. And here is some additional information. If the piercing hurts too much, use cool compress (a cold cloth, for example). You should clean the piercing using special aftercare products containing natural sea water. You can make it yourself mixing 1/4 to 1/2 of a teaspoon of natural salt in warm water and use it after the mixture cools down. Don't use peroxide, soaps and alcohol containing products. For some time you'd better avoid getting shampoo, hairspray or gel onto your piercing. Cover the ear with plastic wrap for that purpose. Following all recommendations and taking care of your piercing, you'll enjoy it healed rather soon and then you can spend your free time searching for fine ear piercing jewelry to look the way you like.
Just don't be afraid and express yourself! Our life should be lived with all its pleasures and little exams. Good luck!