Nipple Piercing

If you want to look different and to experience new emotions and physical feelings, you can try body piercing. There are so many body piercing types nowadays that you are likely to find something for you. Facial piercings to draw attention to your eyes, lips or nose; ear piercings in numerous varieties; piercing of navel; genital piercings and nipple piercing are the most common and rather widespread though some kinds of them are rather rare.

Nipple piercing is one of the piercing types that can be hidden and nobody would even know you have it if you want as well as you can show it with special clothes that allow people see that there is jewelry in your nipples when you are dressed. And you may enjoy the beauty of your nipples and piercing with your partner and yourself. Nipple piercing is the kind of necessity for people of definite occupations such as strip-dancers, models and performers.

Nipple piercing jewelry helps to enhance sexual pleasure and the breasts will always look great. And you have nothing to worry about during the piercing because the pain you'll feel is surely less that you are expecting. Your endorphins will help you to fight the pain and little fear is only for the best. Nipple piercing is done quickly and it's great for your body as it undergoes less stress.

Aftercare for nipple piercing takes time and the healing process is rather slow (usually 6-8 weeks). Of course, it depends on the weight and size of the breasts. Heavier breasts may heal longer as they move more during the day. If the nipples are sore during healing period, sea salt soaks will help to provide comfort. Rest your pierced nipples in a cups with salt water for about 5 minutes a day while you are reading, watching TV or just relaxing.

Nipple piercing really makes nipples more sensitive but it doesn't mean they will be aroused all the time. After your body gets used to the piercing, they will take their standard shape and will be aroused as usual by touching, cold and other factors.

Choosing the jewelry for your nipples, you should think of the material first. Are you allergic to nickel? Is your skin extra-sensitive? There are nipple rings, barbells and shields in all piercing materials nowadays available in variety of designs, sizes and colours as well. Titanium nipple rings and Bioplast nipple jewelry is widely chosen though big nipple shields and stainless steel nipple barbells also look great. Funny and colourful, elegant and plain, erotic and striking nipple piercing jewelry can be found in trusted online piercing jewelry store as well as in local piercing shops and jewelry stores.