Piercing Materials for Starter Jewelry

We all want to be beautiful and attractive. We all want people to look at us and enjoy what they see. We all need self-expression and opportunity to show our individuality and style. We all (even if we can't we would like to) try to wear stylish clothes fitting our body, use fashionable accessories and decorate one's body. Body piercing is one of the ways to reach the mentioned goals.

Body piercing is ancient type of body decoration and some piercing types were widespread in ancient Egypt, numerous tribes all over the world, during the times of gladiators and the Victorian ages. Nowadays people have already tries to pierce almost every part of the body and there are almost no limits for risky persons. Most popular piercings are less painful and risky for health though some unusual and even dangerous types are also practiced.

Going for body piercing we all should make the right choice of the piercing type, starter jewelry and the metal the jewelry is made from is really important. There are definite metals recommended for new piercings and they shouldn't react with body tissues. Some metals are good for new body piercings, some are not.

Surgical stainless steel jewelry is good for new piercings and only people with extra-sensitive skin should probably choose another material. Steel is beautiful inexpensive metal that looks great and can be autoclaved to reduce the risks of infections and irritation.

Titanium piercing jewelry is good choice as it contains minimal amounts of additional alloys and is bio-compatible. Lightweight and good-looking titanium barbells and rings are more expensive that stainless steel jewelry but they are worth that money.

PTFE jewelry is highly recommended for new initial piercings. This type of plastic possesses all necessary characteristics for successful healing and long-time wear.

14k and 18k gold in both white and yellow forms is good for people with good reaction of the skin on nickel and other metals. 14k gold piercing jewelry is better for already healed piercings though some people successfully wear it as starter jewelry.

Sterling silver piercing jewelry isn't for new piercings at all. Silver belly button rings and nose studs are the most common and they should be worn only in completely healed piercings.

Gold plated jewelry can be rubbed off and the metal would be exposed. It may cause infection or irritation reacting body tissues.

Organic jewelry such as wood, horn, bone and others should be worn only in well-healed piercings and is recommended for short-time wear.

Acrylic body jewelry is as well for well-established piercings and it's better not to wear it for a long time.

Fake jewelry is of course not for new piercings as well as it is not for healed piercings.

Of course, it's always better to consult the piercer and find out what the body reaction on definite metals and other materials you should expect.

Take proper care of your piercing and your piercing jewelry to enjoy the beauty and be healthy!